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Blipblox Synthesizer Melody Upgrades

Blipblox After Dark and Blipblox SK2 musicians - are you ready to try new sounds in your Blipblox?  Using a computer and a USB>MIDI interface, you can now upload a new Melody Pack to make your Blipblox a whole new place to explore.

This upgrade is only available for the Blipblox After Dark and Blipblox SK2 only.  It does not work on the Blipblox Synth for Kids model.

Blipblox models

You'll find step-by-step instructions for completing the upgrade below.  These instructions are designed to be viewed using a desktop browser.  We recommend reading through all steps before getting started.  Questions?  Don't hesitate to get in touch,

Here are some of the melodies you'll find in the upgrade packs:



NOTE: If you do not see the instructions section after the videos, you may need to disable your browser's ad blocker. 

Help Us Create the Next Melody Pack!

Our plan is to continue to add new Melody Packs to our list. If you have some melodies you'd like to share, follow the guidelines below to ensure the melody is in the correct format.  Submit as many melodies as you like. Once we get enough melodies we will release a new pack.

Melody Requirements:
  1. Be original! Please no copyrighted material.
  2. Melody must be in 4/4 time.
  3. Melody must be exactly 4 bars long.
  4. No more than 80 notes in the 4 bars.
  5. Quantize to 1/32 notes.
  6. No triplets allowed.
  7. Melodies must be monophonic. (Only one note at a time, no overlapping notes or chords.)

Download this MIDI file to view an example.

When you're ready, upload your file to this Google Drive, then send us an email to to let us know which files are yours.

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