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About Playtime Engineering

Playtime Engineering was created to bring the fun of electronic music and synthesizers to everyone, especially kids.  Co-Founder Troy Sheets has a lifelong passion for electronic music and product design.  Troy was fortunate enough to have his first electronic music studio at the age of 15, which included a DX100 synthesizer, drum machine and a 4-track cassette recorder.  He has continued to produce music, perform live sets and design custom synthesizers since then.  Troy has also enjoyed a 25-year engineering career in the Silicon Valley.  Using both his synthesizer and product design experience, Troy pursued his dream of creating a product that had all of the fun of synthesis, with none of the complexity.  

I always thought synthesizers were not just amazing music production tools, but also great toys.  They have spaceship-like control panels, alien sounds and flashing lights, all the sort of things kids love. I was confident that we could create a product that kids could use to design their own sounds and create music in a whole new way.

After spending a few years researching concepts and designing prototypes, Troy, along with his partner Kate, created Playtime Engineering in 2018 and launched their first product, the Blipblox Synth for Kids.

Since then, Playtime Engineering’s products continue to introduce thousands of kids and adults alike to the joy of synthesis and electronic music production.

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