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Kickstarter Survey

What is a Kickstarter Survey? 

This is the term Kickstarter uses for the site where you provide us with your name, phone number and shipping address.  Kickstarter does not provide us with anything other than your "Kickstarter name" (not always your actual name) and your email address.  Without a completed survey, we can't ship your myTRACKS to you.  We are working with PledgeManager to coordinate the surveys.  One should have been emailed to the address tied to your Kickstarter account.

If you use your Apple ID to log into Kickstarter then Apple assigns a private email address that is not your standard email.  See special instructions below. ⬇️

I didn't receive an email from you, what do I do now?

We have resent the email two times already.  It's possible it was stopped by a spam filter.  Fear not, in just a few easy steps you will be all set.  

  1. Click this link.  It will take you to the PledgeManager survey page.
  2. Select "Login Now >>"
  3. Click "Forgotten Password."
  4. Enter the email address associated with your Kickstarter account.  Request reset. 
  5. Follow emailed instructions to set up a password.
  6. Select myTRACKS under Projects and follow instructions on the screen to complete your survey.

What if I used Apple ID to create my Kickstarter Account? 

Contact us at to get help completing your survey.

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