Blipblox After Dark

The advanced synthesizer designed as a toy so it's safe and fun for anyone to enjoy!

Arriving November 2020

Start your musical journey the moment you turn it on!  The Blipblox After Dark is a fun electronic toy that’s ready for stage, studio or family room.  Designed to be safe and accessible for all ages.  Engineered with the latest synthesizer technology so anyone can produce professional-level sounds and beats.

So easy to use, just turn it on and start playing hundreds of built-in melodies, then use the colorful controls to start sculpting your own sounds.  An entire production system in your lap.  Or go pro with 5-pin MIDI In and ¼” Stereo Audio Out that lets you connect to a keyboard, drum machine or DAW.  Portable or studio play using included batteries or USB cable.

blipblox after dark

How it Works

The After Dark comes loaded with over 300 melodies custom-made by professional musicians, so you can start creating the moment you turn it on.  Sixteen different oscillator types including wavetables provide a massive range of synthesis opportunities.  The new resonant multi-mode filter and a stereo multi-tap delay produce rich, professional sounds right from the output.  A built-in drum machine loaded with over a 100 pitch-shifting drum samples turns your synthesized sounds into danceable grooves.

Safe for Kids

Blipblox synthesizers are uniquely designed to be completely safe for kids.  The knobs can’t be pulled off, there aren’t sharp corners or edges, and the plastic case is designed to take hard hits, drops and spills.  Like the original, the After Dark is one of the only synthesizers fully certified to international toy safety standards for ages 3 and up.

Studio Ready

The After Dark is ready to be integrated into a studio just like any other professional synthesizer.  Sequence your own melodies using your favorite hardware or software sequencer sending the notes into the After Dark using the MIDI In port.  Record or go loud using the stereo ¼” Audio Out port.  Instantly synchronize to drum machines or other devices with MIDI time code.

Contained within the 16 oscillator schemes are a wide range of synthesis methods including pulse width and frequency modulation, sync and detune.  A ROM-based wavetable with 256 unique tones can be scanned and morphed, giving the After Dark a range of synthesis possibilities never before seen on a device in this price range.

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